Broden is a prolific actor. Momentory reflection and deep personifications, open eyes and fasts gaze, darting around the space of plays. Back in the place where grown men meet, the gaze is lost, a game now over, ahem! Back again another brave actor; resting now are all creators. Sleeping stories brewing well in sleep, all boys and girls dream in wells. 

Always take ones’ shoes off at events with grass and seats, where long lasting stays are a plausible feat. Plaster them down in form, strong positions, and move the spine round in all ways and rythems.

Drugs: ketamine, nicotine, cocaine,                    alcohol, caffeine…. marajuana.

Party: play pens, views from above,                 lobster systems and the firing                 range, strangers with styles,                   friends with new traits, messy               backyard, destructive                               behaviours, standard escape                   and an air of creativity.

…An emotional stew of contemplation.

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