‘The morbiund west’

'Hello this is Pinkquartz highschool, Mary speaking'
'Hello Mary this is Mr Artez speaking, my son is Pablo of year 8b, I'm calling because of--'
'Yes hello I have your details here. just to confirm you are the white father, John, the atheist?'
'Yes correct, full white. My wife is Latin American, Colombian, an immigrant.'
'Exellent John, now how can I help you today?'
'I believe that there's been an issue with the selection for the schools, the middle schools play this year. A problem with the race choice --'
'And I--'
"I have here an email explaining that your mixed boy feels, in his words: "prosecuted" and "counter victimized". Mr Artez, before we continue could you tell me if your wife was raised in a low income area of Colombia?'

'Mary, Colombia is a totally different social enviroment. There it is richness to live with your family. But no, she was nevery hungry, she immigrated using all the legal channels. Of course she now has learnt to repudiate, hate, my histoy and I love her heritage.

'John, if it were up to me I'd have allowed this request. Every boy ought to be the victimized throughout his formative years. 
The reservation that Mrs. Soe has is with unrepresented parents students feeling that they have betrayed their own when victimizing a mixed child.
I have here that he had pleaded on the case of you being a luxurious, privledged male. Like I said, if it were up to me.'

'It's no problem. I'm proud of his Colombian side, his skin is darker than mine, he deserves this. Thank you for your time Mary?...'
'Ms Mangabo, I'll sort this out, school him on his significance, and my... Well, best be going -- goodbye.

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