103 years ago yesterday a peace fell over Europe and the world. An unforeseen war in scale of ambitions, manpower, advancement in war technologies and techniques, and, ultimately, deaths — was over. War, however, did not cease in the West or East. The ripples of time flow out of great human causality and are felt in marks left on history by history; poignant contradictions, vast cults of personality and legacies using people against people who are not-to shy of fight, those working hands in bondage to friends who’ve signed themselves to the front. Stories blossom and fade like memory until time like entropy ebbs the strength which held to reason and leaves behind a gradient of refracted light like meaning dimed and bent.

‘The morbiund west’

'Hello this is Pinkquartz highschool, Mary speaking'
'Hello Mary this is Mr Artez speaking, my son is Pablo of year 8b, I'm calling because of--'
'Yes hello I have your details here. just to confirm you are the white father, John, the atheist?'
'Yes correct, full white. My wife is Latin American, Colombian, an immigrant.'
'Exellent John, now how can I help you today?'
'I believe that there's been an issue with the selection for the schools, the middle schools play this year. A problem with the race choice --'
'And I--'
"I have here an email explaining that your mixed boy feels, in his words: "prosecuted" and "counter victimized". Mr Artez, before we continue could you tell me if your wife was raised in a low income area of Colombia?'

'Mary, Colombia is a totally different social enviroment. There it is richness to live with your family. But no, she was nevery hungry, she immigrated using all the legal channels. Of course she now has learnt to repudiate, hate, my histoy and I love her heritage.

'John, if it were up to me I'd have allowed this request. Every boy ought to be the victimized throughout his formative years. 
The reservation that Mrs. Soe has is with unrepresented parents students feeling that they have betrayed their own when victimizing a mixed child.
I have here that he had pleaded on the case of you being a luxurious, privledged male. Like I said, if it were up to me.'

'It's no problem. I'm proud of his Colombian side, his skin is darker than mine, he deserves this. Thank you for your time Mary?...'
'Ms Mangabo, I'll sort this out, school him on his significance, and my... Well, best be going -- goodbye.

Dreamscapes. One.

Dreamscapes from my journals, enjoy.

Amongst other things I took acid (LSD) in my dreams. Liam R, Joshua Burgess and myself all dropped acid in a cityscape looked for a beer at a beer store; laughed with an old economics teacher; found wisdom from Ms Lim; sat in the cinemas wishing to go outside to the beach and watch the rain.

Clock courtyard

Toilet intermission

Green restaurant connected to a yoga class restaurant not serving food today.

Building in a holiday destination. Groundkeeper from harry potter. Smoking a J in a bungalow building away from main apartments. Counterstrike matches being played in field. Dad setting up computer rig.

Flying around Melbourne suburbs and cities, orang-utan enclosure with an entrance which scared me at first but I reluctantly entered because a girl encouraged me to. A monkey chased me out of the multiple story enclosure.

The dream started in my street at Antibes, the people present were me and Patrick, the context was a civilisation game in which the objective was aggression against an unknown enemy which launched a meteorite against Patrick which I ran to avoid. Patrick’s supply of nuclear warheads was plentiful so we readied a counterattack but it was heavily stalled because of passer-by’s in vehicles knocking the warheads in the middle of the road with their vehicles. The warheads would not light for ignition and so the location was moved to a more spacious area; here begins the second part of this adventure.


In a forested park near to the coast we (pat, me, Chris) carried the warheads in search for an open enough space to launch them safely. Venturing beyond the path I heard voices who were park rangers; unfortunate luck brought them upon our group who hide behind sand dunes however they did not question out equipment. After our infortune we left the restricted area and continued down the path the end of which was a cliffside mount. On the mount was a man willingly tumbling head first down the cliff into a small ravine.


A talking entity told us about poppies which it had found and a stray bear somewhere in the forest. The dogs were buried inside a rock with a door which the entity entered; they seemed fond of our group.


I suggested to the rangers that we search the caves for the bear, a small discussion was held in agreement whilst I drank beer. We all search but could not find the bear. I thought it impossible to find it in the forest.


Still searching, unsuccessfully, when the forest transformed into a huge clothes shop with bins full of liquor, (a ranger encouraged me to take it when I asked), I stole clothes while looking for clues of the bear. Realisation occurred that women’s clothes are similar to men’s: orange cardigan (puffy), here is the end of the dream.


I have been for a long walk, and I have been for a run, and I have seen grass greener on either side, and I have thought about it, ok! Yes, and I have been on walks in the afternoon, and I have stretched my limbs in the morning – “fucking hell”, -and eaten meats, fruits, grain and grass.


  1. A warehouse and large junction. The ability to supernatural powers and a form of flight.
  2. Dad gives me my phone fully charged in bed and I check my facebook twice.
  3. Netball: Zoe



A small player

Jack Charnley coach/ref, Zoe on my shoulder – driving past a school.

Quidquid luce fuit, tenbris agit

-ni dieci ni maître – says a socialist formula

The last dream before waking up.

In a house of a young man, interested in his collection of books and videos, he is also interested in us (me and pat and dad). A group of people accumulate around his bookshelves. He asks me if I want to see something. I knew it was something immoral, it was. He showed me a room where a dead baby and sheep were on the ground. I tried to explain eye contact and Aboriginals, was he a she? He gave us candy and a cigarette, my pockets were full. He did not have facebook and I told him he should not get it. He gave us bloody pads and pat put one in his mouth, I went to a toilet and woke up.

My awaken-ness is entirely; introspectively and solemnly my thought, I am wakeful when asleep much the same as my physical awaken-ness but without sight. [Given] my spatial awareness in dreams as reality fades is but truly awake in mindfulness.

-Beating noises- stuck beside a thought – pulsating. Meditation mindfulness of dialectic briskly and without regard, but without regard is useless fundamentally; forms of ‘regard’ are projected in society, namely civil, sexual and lawful spheres of ideological principle, to not obey total ideas is normal and can result with “good consequences”. By this, “good” is the underlying presumption of first principle.

  • Joint in Rome
  • Airport type building
  • Police take the joint
  • Appeal to two police and they let us go into shopping centre
  • Go into shopping centre
  • Sean is drunk, we are in America and there are two large clocks in the room
  • Wants/needs to kick us out because Sean screamed. I appeal to hear judgements with Ct6D
  • She leaves and we are content again

I dreamt. The dream started incoherently, I was in a place that was unknown. The place was a sort of fortress and city, a sort of dystopian place that supported the lives of its inhabitants free from charge in the normal sense, i.e. money transactions. I was with a girl in the dream who guided me through the interior of this castle city; she showed me the outside world, I remember waves crashing into stone walls and I knew that the city must have been underwater. The girl showed me the bathroom and bedrooms of the city, their functions were very egalitarian and quite abstract. Firstly, people were very comfortable being naked and so everyone would strip down and shower together. People would also share beds: In my case I was going to sleep in a bunk with the girl and two guys asleep underneath us. For every activity such as sleeping or eating there is a waiting cue but everything is free. There were two stores in the cafeteria that serve free foods and compete. The exterior of the place has a similar feeling to the star wars facility that is surrounded by water and is constantly raining. I felt uncomfortable stripping down to shower but I was willing to do it.

Notice nothing

Breathe deeply

Expel breathing

Easily in

Easily out

Read eagerly forget what it is all about briefly feeding curiously feeling fruity loose


My dream was a real rush today. It started with me looking towards a cannon on a mountain that was enormous and shot long range fireworks. A shot was fired, and it was beautiful, a second shot was fired and the cannon exploded on the mountain which sent debris flying and crashing into the ground around me. People scrambled to escape down the river system. I missed the chance to hop on a wooden boat and so I held onto a net down the river trying to catch the boat.

2 stages (maps) of my dreams in a cross between CSGO and minecraft. The first was a surfing sort of map with a jail in the middle, on this map I gave the idea of a comp with a 5k prize pool and a legit admin who would donate to the cause. The second stage was a building area which was a simulation in minecraft/real world where there was redstone that I could see when I flew behind the pins.






Broden is a prolific actor. Momentory reflection and deep personifications, open eyes and fasts gaze, darting around the space of plays. Back in the place where grown men meet, the gaze is lost, a game now over, ahem! Back again another brave actor; resting now are all creators. Sleeping stories brewing well in sleep, all boys and girls dream in wells. 

Always take ones’ shoes off at events with grass and seats, where long lasting stays are a plausible feat. Plaster them down in form, strong positions, and move the spine round in all ways and rythems.

Drugs: ketamine, nicotine, cocaine,                    alcohol, caffeine…. marajuana.

Party: play pens, views from above,                 lobster systems and the firing                 range, strangers with styles,                   friends with new traits, messy               backyard, destructive                               behaviours, standard escape                   and an air of creativity.

…An emotional stew of contemplation.